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I started Kitty Kritter Sitter in March of 2003 and I now have many wonderful clients and friends. Before starting my business, I enjoyed pet sitting for my friends and family. Enjoying all the different kitties, I decided to start my own business. Having no references except from family members, my very first client took a chance with me. Thanks to her and many others, Kitty Kritter Sitter now has over 370 wonderful clients.

I joined Pet Sitters International (PSI) to increase my knowledge of pet sitting. With the help of PSI and several other local pet sitters, I have learned a great deal. I have developed many new friends and find pet sitting a very rewarding career.

I am comfortable taking care of all types and ages of cats and can administer medication as needed. For many years I have cared for my loving cat Hobie she was 19 years old when she went to kitty heaven. 


We now have two kitties, Maggie is 10 years old and Nikki is 7 years old.  We rescued Maggie or should I say she adopted us.  Nikki is a Siberian Forest cat and she came from a local breeder.  

My love for cats is the reason that I started this business. I recently retired from my other full time job after 21 years.  Now I can devote all of my time to my passion for taking care of all the kitties. I provide personalized in-home pet care. I actually come to your home so you are able to leave your pets in a familiar surrounding. I try to follow your pet care routine as closely as possible. This, of course, includes feeding and watering and giving any medication your pet may require. I also spend what I call "quality time" with your pet - just playing, petting and loving, so your pet receives personal attention while you're away. I'm happy to keep an eye on your home at the same time by doing such things as bringing in your mail and newspaper, alternate lights, opening and closing curtains and blinds, watering plants - activities that give your home a live-in look.

My charges are based upon the number of visits made. I do require at least one visit per day while you are gone.  Four days notice is requested for my services. In this manner, we have time to set up an in-home consultation with you and your pets. This initial meeting is required before reservations can be confirmed. My fee for each visit is $18.00. There is no charge for the in-home consultation.

Member of Pet Sitters International and I am Licensed, Bonded and Insured.